Incredible Danny Drinkwater stat shows how ridiculous his career has become

Danny Drinkwater’s career is… pretty odd. But this latest wrinkle really takes the biscuit.

The midfielder’s trajectory has been very much downwards facing for years now. After winning the league with Leicester he’s since mainly been rotting in the Chelsea reserves, with a shocking loan to Burnley thrown in.

He’s now playing for his latest loan club, Aston Villa, starting his first game today against… Manchester City.

His last start in the league was with Burnley against… Manchester City. That came a year after his last Chelsea appearance, against… that’s right, Man City.

Journalist Richard Jolly gets the credit for noting this unbelievable little fact:

Additionally, he notes that having won the Premier League in 2016, Drinkwater didn’t even manage a single game won in 2018 or 2019.

Well, that’s much less surprising when you consider he only plays against Man City these days!

You can say all you like about the decision to sign him, but you can’t deny he’s brought a bit of entertainment to our lives since. Just not, you know, on the pitch…