Chelsea forced to start scouting of new keepers after further Kepa errors

Well, here’s something we really weren’t expecting 18 months after buying the most expensive goalkeeper in the history of football.

If you’ve been watching Chelsea this season it’s a little less surprising, as Kepa started out badly and has got worse, but it’s still feels weird to write it:

Chelsea are scouting new goalkeepers as the Spain international’s future is in question.

That’s according to the Evening Standard at least. They say we’ve stepped up our efforts in scouting potential replacements, with Nick Pope of Burnley apparently on our radar.

Oddly, he’s the only keeper in the league with a worse save percentage than our current stopper. But we have faith that our scouting team are aware of that already. They’re certainly not going to be rushing into buying anyone after their last effort looks to be doing down like a lead balloon.

Kepa has gone from “bad signing” to “genuinely costing us games” in recent months, and that’s an emergency situation for any club to be in.