Arsenal try desperate strategy to get top striker available for Chelsea match

Arsenal have had a revival under Mikel Arteta, but as we know ourselves, it’s a slow process rebuilding a club on the fly.

One of the key pieces for Arteta is Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, the striker who is consistently their main goal threat.

As part of the Arteta revolution at the weekend, P-EA found himself getting serious stuck into Crystal Palace’s Max Meyer, earning himself a red card in the process.

The straight red brings a 3 game ban straight off the bat, which would rule out the forward for Chelsea’s game with the Gunners on Tuesday.

According to, Arteta’s team have launched an appeal to try and get the ban reduced, so that their key player can face us.

It seems a massive long shot to be honest. He totally crunched Meyer’s ankle, so no amount of arguments about use of excessive force are really going to hold much water.

Worth a try… maybe. But if we see the Gabon forward lining up against us on Tuesday, we will be stunned.