Willian’s two year deal dream may be over as transfer ban bargaining power evaporates

Willian has been pushing for a new contract for absolutely ages now. The Brazilian winger has been locked in discussions with the club for some time over a new deal, but he may have waited too long.

As the Metro reported yesterday, the former Anzhi man is still putting out all the right messages about being keen to stay, and despite interest from other places over the years the club and the player have been content to keep the status quo.

His insistence on a two year deal rather than the one year offering the club has made reaching a mutually agreeable solution impossible, and the people upstairs haven’t bowed to his will, even through the transfer ban.

Now the ban has been ended early, Chelsea can go and buy a new player to replace him if they really want. He still has some leverage in that they won’t want him to leave on a free this summer, but a large amount of his bargaining power has now evaporated.