Lampard admits Pulisic could play as a striker again

One of the most surprising moments from Chelsea’s 1-0 loss to West Ham was Frank Lampard moving Christian Pulisic up front to lead the line when Olivier Giroud was subbed off.

It surprised everyone, and didn’t really seem to work. But Lampard has not only not ruled out doing it again, he’s kind of hinted that he wants to see it again:

“We’ll see,” Lampard responded when asked whether the US star would reprise his new role as a striker.

“He does have an ability to run behind the line, and to be sharp in central areas which will naturally get him more goals. I am not going to say right now if that is the solution, but we will see as we go forward,” the manager said on the club’s official website.

We’re not sure about this one. We’re always up for trying new things, but unless the game is really calling for it, we don’t think think this is a project we should really be investing too much attention on.