Former player warns Frank Lampard about making big changes in January

Everything that has happened with the transfer ban has resulted in some curious results. Many fans might have feared it would set the club back a few years, but you could argue that Chelsea are in a better position now than a lot of people expected.

Checking out the odds now and using a bet calculator to make sure you cover your losses will show you that we’ve got a better chance of making the top 4 now than we did before the season started.

A huge part of that is down to the lack of pressure that’s been placed on Frank Lampard. The club had no choice but to let him bring the youngsters through. Only they will know if the lack of expectation going into this season enabled them to relax and develop into first team players, but it probably helped.

That could all change with the transfer ban being overturned. It’s possible that spending some money will raise expectations and those who were playing with freedom might start to suffer.

The Metro recently reported on some comments that Chris Sutton made to Football.London, and it’s clear that he thinks Lampard should be cautious with his approach in January.

Sutton said the following:

“As for a lot of managers, you spend and you spend it can put you under major pressure”

“It has fallen beautifully for Frank. The hypothetical question was, if he did have money would Abraham etc. get their chance? I understand other Chelsea managers, the pressure is on”

“The fact that Abraham is in and a firm fixture, Mount a firm fixture, [Reece] James coming on, Tomori… these players are showing that they are young men but have shown the development in a short space of time to a level where you have to take them seriously on their own merits”

“So would you change that particular thought process and that model? The main thing, looking in, is to keep this group together, continuity is important, knowing each other, and then who knows.”

It’s not to say that he shouldn’t do anything, the squad does look like it could do with some freshening up, but signing one or two experienced players who can help the youngsters develop while also improving the first team would be ideal.

It would also be helpful if the board didn’t crank up the pressure if they do agree to make some signings, but that might not always be the case.

It’s a fine balancing act for Frank Lampard to get right in January, lets hope the club gives him plenty of backing but also allows him to continue with whats worked so far.