Emerson’s future suddenly bleak despite strong start to season

A few weeks into this season, after recovering from the opening day defeat to Man United, Emerson was the revelation of Frank Lampard’s new look Chelsea.

The left back had beaten out Marcos Alonso for the starting spot in the summer, and his form in that first month was truly excellent. Plenty of pieces were written then rejoicing in the fact that we no longer needed to buy a new left back.

He then suffered an injury on Italy duty, followed by a further setback after a premature return. He was still able to quickly win back his place in the team upon his return, but his form since has been nowhere near the levels it was in the early Autumn.

He was really dangerous going forwards and solid defensively, looking a well balanced left footed option who offered a little more in both regards than Alonso.

Despite now having had plenty of time to regain some form, Emerson is struggling. If anything, his performances are getting worse. Against Bournemouth, the team were crying out for an attacking option to threaten in the wide areas, and he was unable to beat a man or produce a dangerous cross. time and again he would receive the ball, think about a move forwards, and then shift it inside again.

It’s no wonder the links to Ben Chilwell are heating up ahead of a crucial January. Just months after it looked like he’d secured his future in the team, Emerson seems to have lost it again.