“He’s missing something” – Scholes’ problems with Lampard’s Chelsea

Paul Scholes was one of the pundits on duty for Chelsea’s game with Manchester City, and he pointed out a trend we’d noticed too.

Chelsea’s big games have been sprinked very steadily through the season so far, with no nasty clumps, but our games against Manchester City, Manchester United and Liverpool have so far all provided one result: three good performances for large portions of the games but no wins. No points, in fact.

Scholes made a similar point in quotes picked up by the Metro:

“He’s definitely missing something. He went to Manchester United, everyone said Chelsea were the best team, played really well, got beat 4-0. Played against Liverpool, played okay I don’t think they were anything great against Liverpool, got beat,” the former Man United midfielder said.

“They played against Manchester City, everyone’s saying the best team, they were really good, they played well, they’ve lost the game. Now he has to find a way of changing that,” he continued.

It’s hard to disagree. It’s all very well playing in periods in these games, but something is clearly going wrong. Scholes seems to blame the defence, which certainly hasn’t performed in these matches.

There’s a lot of time to improve, and a lot of positives to take from these games, but they’re the surest sign we’re not at the top level yet.