“It’s a great job to take” – Ashley Cole backs “Chelsea man” Mourinho to make the most of Spurs opportunity

The reaction to Jose Mourinho’s shock move to Tottenham is spreading around the football world, and Ashley Cole is one of the first big names to react.

TalkSport spoke to the former Chelsea left back, who knows a thing or two about controversial moves across London. He is as shocked as the rest of us about what’s just happened.

“I’m a little bit shocked to be honest. Obviously he was a Chelsea man and then went to Man United, and now he’s back.

“I appreciate the work he did at Chelsea and what he tried to do at Man United, and this is going to be a tough test for him. It is something different for him.”

“When people talk about that sort of stuff, when they talk about rivalry, at the end of the day he wants a job and wants to get back into work.

“It’s a great job for him to take.”

It’s a massive endorsement of the move from Cole, who backs Jose as a manager, but is clearly also slightly calling into question his status as a “Chelsea man” after two moves to Premier League rivals.

We’re sure a lot of fans will agree. Going to Man U was enough for some people, and this will be a step too far for many others.

He’s never far from controversy Jose, and while Cole calls it “a great job to take,” we’re not sure it will work out so well.