“We have the freedom to do more by ourselves” – Jorginho praises Frank Lampard’s football again

Jorginho has praised Frank Lampard’s style of football, in the latest PR move to endear him to the Chelsea fans and distance himself from the divisive Maurizio Sarri, who brought him to the club.

In quotes collected on the official Chelsea website, the midfield went into some detail on how things had changed this year, and how much he and the rest of the team were enjoying it.

“We are playing forward more and playing quicker as well. My role is not very different from last season but as a team, we are playing a different way, playing forward more basically, and not just with short passes. We run more and maybe we create more chances so that’s the difference.” the Italy international explained.

“Frank lets us play more to our abilities and he wants us to play how we feel on the pitch. It’s not just ‘do this, do that’ so we have the freedom to do more by ourselves,” he went on, casting a hint of shade at Sarri, whose rigorous structures and systems were a nice idea in theory, but awfully dull in practice.

It’s certainly more fun to watch, and we’ll take a few defensive errors any day if it means playing fast, exciting football. Last year got to dire that it seems even “Sarri’s son” as some fans bitterly called him, is enjoying this season more.