“Chin up” – Chelsea fans will love what leader Jorginho did during Ajax match

Chelsea midfielder hasn’t only proven his doubters wrong this season by putting in some absolutely superb performances, he is also stepping up in his new role as vice-captain.

Not that he needed to, he has always been a leader on the pitch even before his Chelsea days, but unfortunately it just took some Chelsea fans a lot longer to actually appreciate the importance of him and the quality that he’s got.

If you watch the Italian closely during matches you will see how vocal, influential, and encouraging he is to the other players, especially now he has gotten much better at speaking English.

This is essential to the current crop of Chelsea players consisting of young minds and some inexperience, Jorginho has become vital to them.

Chelsea were under the cosh a little against Ajax on Tuesday night when the Dutch side went 4-1 ahead just after half time, and Chelsea had an up hill mountain to climb.

But Jorginho was spotted by one Twitter user offering ideal words of encouragement to his team mates, he was seen to be mouthing ‘chin up, come on’ and slapping underneath his chin at the same time.

Don’t ever change, Jorgi!