Chelsea’s “Premier League report card” full of more glowing praise for Lampard’s lads

A good chunk of the Premier League season is over, enough time that we can really take stock of how teams are doing, and in this dull two week international break, that’s just what it seems people are up to.

The Daily Mail for example have rated Chelsea’s season so far as an “A”. It’s hard to argue with that. Given the context of a transfer ban, a manager leaving the club voluntarily after some fan pressure, Eden Hazard leaving, it looked like Frank Lampard would be up against it:

“Chelsea were the pick for many to be the crisis club this campaign having had to parachute their kids in due to a transfer ban, plus a new manager coming into the club in the form of the inexperienced Frank Lampard. Turns out the kids are alright and so is Lampard as the Blues fly high in third place,” the Mail wrote.

Instead he’s exceeded expectations in terms of results, and done so while playing an unprecedented number of young players from the club’s academy.

It’s hard to think how things could have gone better, apart from a missed penalty in the Super Cup and a flukey Marcus Rashford free kick in the Carabao, Chelsea’s season has been almost perfect in every regard.

An A is the least we deserve…