Chelsea team can’t get distracted from Man City test by Mourinho arrival

The explosive news that Jose Mourinho has been appointed as Tottenham manager, with a game coming up against Chelsea in a month’s time, has sent the footballing world into meltdown.

With the international break dragging on, suddenly there is an explosive development in the Premier League to capture everyone’s attention.

Chelsea, deeply involved in the story thanks to Mourinho’s history with the club, must not let themselves get distracted. Their big moment this week is on Sunday against Man City, and they mustn’t forget that.

This kind of distraction can be fatal, and getting a good result against the league champions needs to remain our focus. The Jody Morris incident before the break was bad enough, this is next level.

It will be the talk of the training ground the next few days, without doubt. But once preparation is underway for Sunday’s game, that can be our only focus. We’re sure Frank will be getting that message across to his coaches, and his players, right away.