How Chelsea can make historic move towards top four this weekend

We’re only just into November, but according to some, the pieces are already falling into place for Chelsea to snatch a top 4 place come May.

Sky Sports have gone with the typically sensational headline “could the top four be decided this weekend,” and while that’s clearly an exaggeration, the stats they provide are quite eye opening.

Since the 01/02 season (when the Premier League was awarded a 4th Champions League spot), they point out, there has never been more than 3 points between the team in 5th and the team in 4th after 11 games.

Right now there’s a 6 point gap, and with Arsenal taking on high-flying Leicester this weekend, while Chelsea play Crystal Palace at home, it could rise to nine by the end of the weekend.

That would be a historic gap, and while anything is possible over the many remaining games, it certainly would put us on a superb footing to get the job done and secure Champions League football next season, achieving a goal many said would be very difficult this season.