The banner Chelsea fans are planning to take to Mourinho’s Tottenham next month

Chelsea are receiving a huge amount of the blowback of the explosive goings on at Tottenham.

Our managerial situation couldn’t be better at the moment. But the controversial appointment of our two-time former manager Jose Mourinho at Spurs inevitably drags us into the story.

Our game against Tottenham on the 22nd is now becoming a focus, and the Daily Mail are already reporting on the news that travelling Chelsea fans are planning to take a gigantic “Special One” banner – featuring Frank Lampard anointed as the inheritor of Mourinho’s legendary nickname.

They quote members of fan group We Are The Shed are shown in screenshots from Twitter, saying the idea is being “discussed”.

Whether or not they go with this particular idea, you can be sure the away fans are going to cause quite the stir that day with whatever they choose to sing, and whatever banners they do end up bringing.

They’ve earned their bit of fun, and Jose has earned a hefty ribbing. Let’s just try and keep it original, please.