£6.7 million – the amount that saw Chelsea miss out on signing Neymar in 2010

Chelsea have often been accused of being penny pinchers, refusing to pay the little amount of money left (in the grand scale of things) to secure a new signing, and often sees them opting for another cheaper option.

This example as reported by The Athletic recently, is a fine one.

Chelsea missed out on signing super star talent Neymar when he was 18-years old still playing for Santos in Brazil, by refusing to pay just £6.7 million.

Neymar had a release clause of £28.7 million, Chelsea made two offers, the first was £18 million, the second was £22 million, both rejected.

The Athletic claims that personal terms had reportedly been agreed with Neymar and Chelsea, but The Blues did not pay the release clause.

The players Father was even quoted as saying, “For us to go to England would be wonderful.”

But the then Santos president Luis Alvaro de Oliveira Riberio was not happy with how things were being conducted.

He said:

“Chelsea sent us a transfer proposal which was rejected immediately, but the harassment continues. Considering the ethics which clubs are supposed to adhere to, this is completely intolerable and Santos will go to defend its interests at FIFA.

“On Wednesday there was a telephone enquiry. Chelsea got in contact with my secretary and asked for our fax number. This does not mean they have opened negotiations. Santos are not interested in selling Neymar for any amount of money.”

But of course, if Chelsea paid the release clause, Santos would have no option but to let the deal happen, and it would have been all down to the player, and it sounds like he was well up for the move.

Another that slipped away?