The Latest News: Chelsea Football Club

As fans gear up for the Chelsea Grimsby Town game scheduled to take place Wednesday, the players are preparing to make up for their previous loss. Many fans are struggling to come to terms with the fact that the Chelsea football team is comprised of some experienced players. Chelsea manager Frank Lampard is trying to provide fans with encouragement, as well as the players. The team is expected to score a win against Grimsby town come Wednesday night but everyone will just have to wait for the outcome.

Lampard Calling For Patience

Ahead of the Chelsea Grimsby Town game, Lampard calls on the supporters to be “patient”. Unfortunately, the outcome of the season may not be exactly what the fans are hoping for. It is likely that the team will finish the season with only a few wins and without a trophy.

The Carabao Cup is scheduled to begin at 2:45 pm Wednesday. Players are gearing up for a challenging competition but since they will be playing a home, they do have the advantage about League Two Grimsby Town. 

Lampard told the Telegraph earlier this week that he believed Chelsea fans know their football. He compares the knowledge of the older fans and those of the modern era. All of the fans have watched the team undergo many changes as far as management and playing styles go. During intermission, fans can enjoy online games at


Chelsea And Liverpool

Before going any further, you should know that Chelsea recently played against Liverpool. This was a very intense game but it was not a win for Chelsea. The game at Stamford Bridge was very competitive. It was back and forth until the very end. Liverpool has managed to put together a perfect start to their 2019 – 2020 Premier League season so far. Chelsea has not. They lost the game with a final score of 2 to 1. The game was played on Sunday. Trent Alexander-Arnold would score the first goal for Chelsea. That game during the first 14 minutes of the game.

After that, Roberto Firmino would score again. That would put the team up 2 to 0. However, Chelsea would attempt to stage a comeback. N’Golo Kante would net one. Unfortunately, Chelsea would not be able to score again. The game would end and Liverpool would hold onto the victory. Nevertheless, it was a good performance from Chelsea and an even better one from Liverpool. There is a good chance that these two teams will play many more competitive games this season.


Tino Anjorin

During the past few months, there has been some debate about Tino Anjorin. Many fans of Chelsea will agree that he has been a great addition to the team. He is only 17 and there is a good chance that he is going to improve from here on out. With this in mind, you should know that his contract is set to expire in June of 2021. that isn’t too far away. However, it is true that Frank Lampard is eager to keep him. This week, it was rumored that Frank was working on a deal to keep Anjorin with Chelsea.

It should also be noted that Anjorin is set to play against Grimsby Town during the Carabao Cup. Tino seems eager to stay with Chelsea and he might be able to do just that. It will all depend on the negotiations. Anjorin will prove to be a good addition since he is a great scorer. At the youth levels, he was able to score 5 times in just 7 games. That should tell you something about his skills. Again, he is expected to play against Grimsby Town during their next game. 


Who Will Be Missing?

Unfortunately, Chelsea may have a rough road ahead of them. After all, they’re going to be missing several players during their upcoming match on Wednesday. First and foremost, it has been rumored that Emerson Palmieri and Andreas Christensen will miss the game against Grimsby Town. The good news is that Andreas wasn’t injured too badly. His injury has been classified as “not too severe”. Therefore, there is a good chance that will be able to return and play against Brighton on the weekend. To do that, he will need to be cleared by club doctors first.

However, things are looking much worse for Emerson. Rumor has it that he will not be back anytime soon. At the very least, he could return to action sometime during the middle of October. Remember that he experiences a thigh injury and that has knocked him out of the competition. Either way, there is a good chance that Chelsea will be able to excel without these players.