€45m rated creative midfielder explains why Jorginho impressed him so much at close quarters

James Maddison is one of the rising stars of English football.

The 22 year old has risen to prominence over a season and a bit of excellent play for Leicester since signing from Norwich, and he’s already been linked with moves to a higher level still. TransferMarkt rate him at €45m euros, but you’d expect his real fee to be double that, especially if joins a big club.

Maddison has been one of the premier creators in the top flight in the last 12 months, but he’s picked out a Chelsea man as one of two of his fellow pros who have impressed him this season.

In quotes carried by the Metro, the former Canary complimented the control that Jorginho provides in games where he can get into gear in midfield.

“From who we’ve played this season – and we’ve played Chelsea – and Jorginho is very good at it. He is a very good footballer. I know maybe last year he got a little bit of stick and stuff here and there but he’s a very good footballer. He controls and dictates games.”

There’s no question that the Italy international has the football brain and the first touch and short passing to utterly control the tempo or any match. The question is whether he can do enough outside of that specific role. so far this season, the answer has been a resounding yes.