Chelsea linked with sensational but silly €210m move for Brazil superstar

Chelsea have been linked to Neymar by Don Balon, in one of the least believable rumours of the year.

The Spanish publication claims that the Blues are going to swoop with a €210m offer to rescue the Brazilian from his self-inflicted punishment in Paris.

It’s certainly fun to be back in the transfer rumour game, but this just makes no sense. For one thing, the club is seeing unprecedented success using a closely-knit group of academy player. Why would they throw all that money they’ve just saved at a massive deal for a player who could end up upsetting the whole project?

No, as brilliant as it would be to get a prime Neymar playing for Chelsea, that’s not the club we are anymore, and the sources of this rumour have no facts or reliability. It seems more than anything like the rumour writers in Spain are just bored of reporting on Real Madrid’s (much more concrete) interest in the PSG star.

We will sign top players again, likely this summer. But Neymar is a deal that doesn’t add up – at least, not at the moment.