Some Chelsea fans over-thinking Hudson-Odoi’s use of one word

Chelsea winger Callum Hudson-Odoi is back in the Chelsea first team fold after a long time out with injury. Off the back of signing a new 5-year contract with the club and declaring his happiness under Frank Lampard, some Chelsea fans just look for the latest thing to moan about.

This time some decided to pickup on his latest interview with The BBC. The interview that was positively titled ‘Callum Hudson-Odoi: Chelsea forward says ‘he made right decision’ to stay with the club’.

However, the use of one word in his sentence has got the backs up of some Chelsea supporters.

I mean, rat? Really?

I agree the wording probably isn’t wise for him to use in this sentence, but it makes you wonder about some supporters. The interview is literally a positive one of him saying he’s happy and he made the right decision.

He’s JUST committed to the club for 5-years and turned down interest from Bayern Munich. I guess some people are expecting him to come out and say that he wants to retire and pass away at this club huh?

Some things just aren’t as big as you need make it.