Strong claims that Callum Hudson-Odoi has finally signed his Chelsea contract

The Callum Hudson-Odoi Chelsea contract saga is one that has been dragging on to the point where many Blues supporters have grown fed up with the hearing about it.

But could it finally be happening?

Chelsea supporting businessman Frank Khalid believes it is. Khalid personally knows many Chelsea players as you will see from his Twitter account and is also posting videos with players, especially Hudson-Odoi.

He said recently that he had been pressuring the 18-year old to sign the new contract with Chelsea, and Hudson-Odoi even spoke about it on his video.

Today Khalid has gone one step more and claims that the contract has been signed and that an announcement will come soon.

This is excellent news for Chelsea fans if true, who have grown sick of hearing that the winger is ‘close to signing a new contract’ with Chelsea.

Let’s hope that if this is the case, Chelsea will waste no more time in announcing it.