Micheal Owen names three Chelsea players in his dream England team

Michael Owen has named his dream England XI, and three Chelsea names have made the cut.

You can guess who they are, we reckon. The Chelsea website has a full piece on the selection here.

Owen played with some truly amazing players for England, from Alan Shearer to Steven Gerrard and Rio Ferdinand, before you even get on to the Chelsea players. Making this team honestly puts you in a world class category by any standards.

Up first is midfield goal machine and current manager Frank Lampard.

At the back, Owen has man mountain John Terry at the heart of the team.

To Terry’s left Ashley Cole stands at left back, ready to pocket Cristiano Ronaldo in yet another international clash.

Those are 3 pretty decent names, eh? Owen was lucky in terms of his teammates, but not so much on the pitch for England. After scoring one of his country’s most memorable goals, his career really faded out quickly.