Jose Mourinho explains how John Terry would have stopped Liverpool wonder strike

Jose Mourinho is on punditry duties for Chelsea against Liverpool, and as always the former Blues boss had plenty of interesting things to say.

Most people were saying that Trent Alexander-Arnold’s stunning free kick in the first half was unstoppable. It certainly was a superb strike, the England defender making clean contact on the ball as Mo Salah rolled it back to him, firing it into the top corner. But Jose thought that there were a few things Chelsea could have done differently.

He noted that Kepa was further to the centre of the goal than he would have advised, and he also suggested that a “John Terry” type of defender would have done more to block the ball, getting their body behind it.

Jorginho did make a break out from the wall, but then turned his back on the ball and let it fly past. It wasn’t really his fault, but we can imagine JT getting his big old head to it, it’s true.

You can see the comments in the full post match coverage video, as seen here.