Former Chelsea winger explains how Frank Lampard reminds him of Jose Mourinho

Chelsea’s official website has its weekly column from Pat Nevin up, and as always it brings some interesting insight into what’s going on behind the scenes.

The former Chelsea winger is still a regular on Chelsea TV and behind the scenes at the club, meaning that he’s always picking up on interesting whispers behind the scenes – even if he’s not always able to report them on these very official channels.

Speaking about the season so far, Nevin had some interesting comparisons to make, not least of all when it came to Frank Lampard. Speaking about his ability to change formations at will, he compared him with his old manager at Chelsea, Jose Mourinho:

“It seems odd maybe but Frank’s willingness to change systems reminds me a bit of Jose Mourinho at his very best. He would always be on the lookout for the opposition weakness and when he spotted it he would move his players to make use of that frailty,” Nevin noted.

As he goes on to point out, that flexibility has to come from the squad, and the fact that Mason Mount and others can play in multiple positions is a massive boon for him.

Let’s just hope the Mourinho comparisons end with the tactical flexibility…. and maybe a propensity for winning trophies.