“Euston is going to have a problem” – Some fans can’t believe what the Premier League have done

London is a place full of football teams and their passionate supporters, and over time it has naturally seen some violence off the back of football matches.

London’s Police departments have quite often needed to be pro-active and re-active in dealing with any incidents.

They will not welcome the strange scheduling by the Premier League for Sunday the 22nd of September.

Sunday is supposed to be the day of rest, but it will certainly be far from that for the Train staff, stewards, and Police forces in London on that day, thanks to the Premier League scheduling.

They have managed to group all four matches on that day to be hosted in London. They have West Ham and Crystal Palace at home kicking off at 2pm. And Arsenal and Chelsea kicking off at 4.30pm.

The visiting teams are Manchester United, Liverpool, Wolves and Aston Villa. More direct and local rivals. It really does look like a recipe for disaster on paper!