Didier Drogba claims to have passed his expertise onto this Chelsea youngster

Chelsea legend Didier Drogba has revealed his belief that Tammy Abraham learned from him during their time together at the club, report Sky Sports.

Abraham has been channeling his inner Didier in recent matches, with the youngster netting seven times in his last three appearances in the Premier League. He’s the most in-form player in the country right now.

Drogba himself would be proud of figures like that, and the way Tammy has been playing recently, there’s certainly a comparison to be drawn between the pair.

Didier has now offered some insight as to where those similarities may have originated from, claiming that Abraham will have learned from him while he was at Chelsea.

Drogba is quoted by Sky Sports saying:

“Yeah, I’ve known him [Abraham] since he’s been like this. These are kids we used to see, they used to come and watch us training, and I believe they learned a little bit of our skills, how we read the game. So, you know, we’re not surprised because I also trained with them when I used to train with the reserve team. It was always a moment for me to give away some skills, some knowledge, and they learnt really fast, really quick. So once again, I’m not surprised with what I’ve seen [with Abraham].”

If our Tammy has a fraction of the career that Drogba did, we’re in for a real treat. He’s undeniably one of the greatest strikers ever to do it, Didier wasn’t bad either.