Why Chelsea are at risk of losing their Champions League seeding

Chelsea’s last game in European competition saw them lifting the Europa League trophy. Yet the latest UEFA coefficients, released today, see the Blues drop from 12th to 14th place.

A bad performance in our Champions League campaign, which starts next week against Valencia, could even see us drop out of the seedings for future competitions.

Why have we tumbled despite winning the EL last year? Well that’s a good question.

It’s easily explained too. The coefficients take into account matches from the last 5 years, a long time in football.

So Chelsea are still feeling the effects of 2015/16, where a disaster season saw them left without European games the next year. That means a big fat 0 in that column, which has meant that teams like Borussia Dortmund, despite not having won or even progressed very far in Europe in recent seasons, can overtake us.

We’re confident that a good group stage this year will see us rising up the table once again.