Chelsea celebrate plastic flag culture on club’s official Instagram account

Chelsea have celebrated our plastic flag culture on the club’s official Instagram account, and yes, we absolutely love to see it.

The Blues were previously targeted by rival fans for our use of plastic fans at Stamford Bridge, with Rafa Benitez also commenting on it during his time as Liverpool manager.

As these things tend to in the game of football, it fast became embraced and welcome by the Chelsea faithful. We now celebrate it, and it appears the club do, too.

Have a look at what the media team posted on the club’s Instagram story ahead of our clash with Liverpool, which publicly embraces our plastic flag culture…

We dearly hope that there’ll be plenty of them in the confines of Stamford Bridge this afternoon, with fans waving to their full capacities in the direction of the travelling Liverpool fans.

And Rafa, if you’re reading, let this serve as evidence of how little your words meant to us…