Cadburys’ special Premier League promo chocolate

As Tammy bangs them in, Chelsea fans can celebrate with chocolate footballs courtesy of Cadbury

Chelsea striker Tammy Abraham is having no issues banging away the goals the season, having scored 7 goals in his last 3 matches.

Just imagine if you could celebrate the gift of those goals with the perfect gift for any Chelsea fan – your favourite chocolate in the shape of a football? I give you the Cadbury Dairy Milk Premier League Chocolate Football.

Now, courtesy of a fresh new launch from chocolate giants Cadbury, you can share a football shaped chocolate with your mates whilst watching Tammy do his thing on the pitch!

The new products launched by Cadbury are available in two different sizes, the 256g available now nationwide, or the 455g which is available exclusively at Tesco in November.

The smaller size is available in all major retailers and comes in a football themed presentation box, with a QR code linking to a Super Striker digital game, where fans have 15 chances to score a super strike against the goal keeper and gain a top score.

The larger size is available exclusively at Tesco and is fully worth the purchase. It has brilliant features such as the football being opened up to reveal it being inside of a football stadium!

You also have a chance inside the promotional boxes to win one of 10 pairs of Premier League hospitality tickets or 90 pairs of Premier League match tickets.

You will be super impressed with the Premier League themed Cadbury FC packaging, and the tasty chocolate itself includes the glass and a half of fresh British and Irish milk that is synonymous with Dairy Milk products.

This season, Cadbury are encouraging people to share the new football themed product with a loved one, family member or friend, as we all know someone who is a big fan of football and/or chocolate.

So why not enjoy this product from the official snack partners of the Premier League, alongside your family members this Sunday when The Blues take on Liverpool in their next Premier League match – in case that wasn’t going to be tasty enough?

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