(Video): David Luiz at fault for Arsenal against Burnley, imagine our shock

Former Chelsea defender David Luiz was at fault for Arsenal today as Ashley Barnes scored for Burnley, in a game the visitors unfortunately went on to lose.

While some Chelsea fans may not see the value in focusing on the past, we think it’s important to eradicate any doubts that selling him this summer was the right decision for us.

Luiz is a serial ball-watcher. He’s been like it his whole career. He des not have the natural defensive instinct to build a clear picture of what’s happening around him.

It cost us on multiple occasions last season, and it cost Arsenal today. Have a look at him in this clip, no idea that Barnes is there, eyes locked on the ball.

This is not the only time Luiz’s involvement will prove costly for Arsenal this season. We absolutely adored the bloke for years, but there’s no denying that he is an inadequate defender.