Managerial failure criticises Frank Lampard for taking positives in Chelsea’s defeat

Tim Sherwood has rubbished the idea that Frank Lampard can take positives from his early season losses as Chelsea’s new manager, report the Metro.

Sherwood knows exactly what it’s like taking the reins at the club you used to play for. His win ratio while Tottenham manager, after all, was second to none.

It ended on a sour note for him at White Hart Lane, however. He didn’t have the sufficient managerial ability to take them where they needed to be.

Unlike Lampard, of course, who is showing early signs that he could be a once in a generation manager, even on the back of two losses this campaign.

Sherwood has never been the brightest of sparks, as he’s proved once again, where he appears to criticise Lampard for focusing on the positives in defeat.

He’s quoted by the Metro saying:

“No. I think the Super Cup, yeah, possibly, they competed in that game. It’s alright starting a game well. As a manager, when you get beat 4-0, you can’t come out and say you played well. Impossible. People stop listening to you in the end. You have to take it on the chin, even if behind closed doors you can say there’s positives, you can say “you did this well”, “you got this right” in team meetings. But at the end of the day you’ve got to win football matches and it’s a poor start for Frank.”

Two defeats isn’t ideal, but Lampard has to draw on the positives, of which there were many to take. It’s clear to see why Sherwood has been out of management for so long…