“They’re like spaniels on the training pitch” Lampard loves working with Chelsea youngsters

Frank Lampard has been talking up some of the young players he has at his disposal at Stamford Bridge, referring to them as ‘spaniels’.

Spaniel dogs are very high energy and enthusiastic breeds, so that comparison from Lampard is certainly a compliment.

The new Chelsea head coach has said that he ‘loves working with them’ on the training ground.

The former Chelsea player took part in his first Premier League match press conference today at Cobham, and came across very well in a very professional interview.

He was of course asked about the transfer ban, and drew the positives out of it, as he has been doing since he joined.

He pointed to the fact that he has a handful of excellent young players who have now been given opportunities in the first team.

As reported by Football London, Lampard was asked about Tammy Abraham and Mason Mount’s ambitions to succeed at Chelsea, and he responded:

“I don’t know what their ambitions are, but I know the talent they have.

“I love working with them, I love training with them, I love them as lads as they are very driven and they are like Spaniels on the training pitch and they bring enthusiasm and quality.

“With that I will include Tomori, I include Reece James, and with Pulisic coming in but who is a young man still, we need to remember that.

“Youth is an important part of our squad, it isn’t everything, but I am expectant, not to put too much on their shoulders.”

Very wise words from a very wise man. Lampard knows the importance of having the senior players mixed in there as well.

But thankfully, he also see’s the importance of having the energy and intensity of the young players coming in too.