Match officials ignore Chelsea head injury as Man United net fourth – even with VAR

As Dan James raced through to score on his Manchester United debut, and make it 4-0 to the home side, the match officials conveniently ignored Kurt Zouma down on the turf with a head injury.

We’re not going to attempt to make excuses after a performance like that, our defence was utterly dreadful, but what can you do when the match officials are not acting in the players’ best interests?

Zouma had been involved in a collision at the opposite end of the field and was on the deck holding his head, but the referee, even with VAR in use, allowed play to go on, which allowed Man United to score.

We weren’t the only ones to notice it, even several of the United players attempted to flag it with the referee, but he seemed to think it appropriate to ignore it and give the home side the advantage.

It’s a joke. Regardless of the result, regardless of the performance, the players’ wellbeing is supposed to be at the forefront of their thinking. Apparently not…