Manchester United vs. Chelsea smashes opening day US viewing figures

Jake Cohen has revealed that Chelsea’s opening day fixture against Manchester United broke viewing numbers in the US – and there’s no prizes for guessing why.

Chelsea fans across the pond will not have been particularly impressed with what they saw at Old Trafford, but there will have been a definite positive for them in the second-half.

Christian Pulisic, who is widely regarded as the most talented player America have ever produced, made his Premier League debut as a substitute, with Chelsea trailing in the second period.

It looks as though many in the United States were looking forward to seeing Pulisic in action in Chelsea blue, because as Jake Cohen revealed, opening day viewing figures were smashed!

Once Pulisic gets settled at Stamford Bridge and hype begins to build around the youngster, more and more American fans will feel inclined to tune in and see him in action.

That’s only going to be good news for Chelsea and the league as a whole.