FIFA offers Chelsea transfer ban punishment explanation

Yesterday is was confirmed by The BBC that Manchester City have been fined £315,000 by FIFA, for breaching rules related to signing young players.

As the same report explains, Chelsea were transfer banned for two windows, having made a similar breach as City.

This created a mystery as to why the two punishments had been so vastly different, if the breaches were the same.

Chelsea were unable to keep up with some of their rivals this summer as a result of the ban, and have needed to bring back loan players to help fill out the squad.

FIFA have now offered an explanation to this mystery, in an exclusive with The Daily Mirror.

The Mirror spoke to a FIFA Spokesman, who responded:

“Generally speaking, FIFA’s judicial bodies handle all cases on an individual basis as circumstances differ from case to case.

“It is important to stress that the specific circumstances of this case differ from previous cases involving breaches relating to the international transfer and registration of players under the age of 18.

“Please note that in line with article 50 (8) of the FIFA Disciplinary Code (2019 version), ‘at any time prior to the meeting set up to decide the case by the relevant judicial body, a party may accept responsibility and request the FIFA judicial bodies to impose a specific sanction. The FIFA judicial bodies may decide on the basis of such request or render a decision which it considers appropriate in the context of this Code.

“Furthermore, according to article 24 (3) of the FIFA Disciplinary Code, ‘when determining the disciplinary measure, the judicial body shall take into account all relevant factors of the case, including any assistance of and substantial cooperation by the offender in uncovering or establishing a breach of any FIFA rule, the circumstances and the degree of the offender’s guilt and any other relevant circumstances.’

“Lastly, Manchester City has accepted its responsibility, which has been considered by FIFA’s Disciplinary Committee in its decision.”

So in the average persons language, Chelsea’s offences were different and more than Manchester City’s, and City also admitted to what they did.

Make of that as you wish, but at least it’s nice to see an explanation.