Chelsea given grim prediction in Champions League chase

It’s that time of year again. The Premier League is just hours away from kickoff, and everyone is full of predictions about where teams will find themselves in 9 months when it’s all over.

Chelsea are one of the hardest teams to predict, so it’s no surprise to see a huge range of outcomes suggested for them. While some have seen the bright side of the Frank Lampard youth revolution, other have pointed to the loss of Eden Hazard and the transfer ban as potentially fatal obstacles in terms of chasing that elusive 4th spot – surely the team’s main aim this season.

Robbie Savage, writing in the Daily Mirror, finds himself in that camp. His prediction, that the Blues end up 6th behind Arsenal and Man U in what looks like a three way race to catch that fourth spot behind Spurs, City and Liverpool.

His reasoning is the same as everyone else’s – no Hazard will make a “huge difference in tight games” apparently. It’s hard to disagree with that, the question is if we believe anyone can step up to replace him.