Chelsea fans pictured swinging for each other in Stamford Bridge stands

Chelsea fans were pictured fighting in the Stamford Bridge stands during Frank Lampard’s homecoming, with The Sun reporting that stewards were forced to intervene.

You’d think that such an occasion would unite Chelsea supporters, rather than see them swinging for each other, but it appears the latter occurred among the home faithful at the Bridge.

The Sun include photos of the incident in their report, where the Chelsea fans in question do look to be having a scuffle. Stewards can be seen being forced to intervene to split it up.

Although we do not know the full story of why this argument started and why it escalated to this point, Chelsea fans really do need to stop making the headlines for the wrong reasons.

Whether it be allegations of racism or fan-to-fan violence, it is seemingly happening on a weekly basis at the moment. Something needs to change, but we’re not sure what it is.