The 7 teams in Chelsea’s Champions League pot

All summer the excitement builds around football coming back, and those first couple of weeks of seeing your new team in action is always glorious. But there’s also one other start of the season tradition that we all look forward to.

If you’re a Chelsea fan dumped into the Europa League for whatever reason it’s a day you’re bitterly reminded of that. But this year, as it should be, we get to enjoy it in full. Champions League group draw day.

It’s coming up next Thursday, and there’s still plenty to be decided, with qualifiers still to be played.

One thing we know for sure is that Chelsea, as Europa League holders, are in Pot One. That means the other 7 teams in that pot are the ones we cannot play.

Who are they? Well CL holders Liverpool for one. Then there’s Barcelona, Man City, Juventus, Bayern Munich, PSG and, perhaps the one all the tier 2 teams are hoping for, Zenit.

The sad truth is that we are probably the second weakest team in there after Zenit. Let’s go and surprise a few people.