What Lampard needs to do, part one: Solve the N’Golo Kante riddle

This series will seek to find out what Frank Lampard will need to do to stay in Chelsea fans good books. We all know how love can easily turn sour and effectively lead to broken relationships. The actions of both parties can easily build or burn the bridges between, and that’s the last thing any Chelsea fan will want now that one of our own is in charge.

Frank Lampard is the new Chelsea coach and the Blues fraternity is a happy bunch now. But no one wants him to fail and to us, these are a few things Lampard needs to do to win hearts permanently.

In our first of this series, we take a look at how he handles the best players at the club. Besides Eden Hazard, last season, one consistently good player was N’Golo Kante. The France midfielder was used in an advanced role position ahead of Jorginho who sat deep in a three-man midfield. Many Chelsea fans were bemused Kante had been asked to vacate his more natural role of defensive midfield. To many, it allowed the opposition to advance on Chelsea’s defence easily.

Lampard’s use of Kante in his time at the club will prove pivotal to how he gets along with Chelsea fans. He needs to make sure the best players are playing in the right positions. Kante is certainly one of them.