The audacious way Cesc Fabregas attempted to worm his way out of speeding charge

The Sun have revealed the details about how former Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas attempted to worm his way out of a speeding charge. You have to admire his audacity, if nothing else.

Fabregas, who left Chelsea midway through the season under Maurizio Sarri, was blue-lighted on the 4th of December 2018 after being caught speeding by the police, as The Sun mention in their report.

The Spaniard has never been known for his speed on the field of play, quite the opposite, but The Sun report that Cesc was clocked doing 68mph in a 40 zone, which is just stupid really.

While you may think that Fabregas putting his foot down in his Land Rover Sport and endangering lives is the most audacious part of this story, we can assure you, it’s not.

The Sun report that Fabregas subsequently told the police “I wasn’t going that fast’. Yes, seriously, having gone 28mph over the speed limit that was how he decided to plead his case.

Fabregas already has six points on his license, per The Sun, so faces the possibility of a driving ban depending on the outcome of this case. Ultimately, he only has himself to blame.