Liverpool heavy favourites for Chelsea Super Cup clash – but Lampard could change everything

The good thing about winning the Europa League – as well as getting a trophy and a ticket to the Champions League of course – is that you get to play in the UEFA Super Cup.

Managers won’t necessarily like having a competitive away game in Europe just before the Premier League starts, but for fans it means we get to start early on our season. At this point in the summer, with still over a month to go until the action starts, we will take every day shaved off that we can.

According to the bookmakers however, we shouldn’t be too excited. Liverpool are heavy favourites for the game, seen as more than twice as likely as us to win the one off showpiece in Istanbul.

Ok, they’re the reigning European champions, with a top team and a top coach, likely to add even more quality to their side this summer. But you’d be crazy to write off Chelsea, especially in an odd game like this.

In a match played on the eve of a new season, pretty much anything can happen, and we wouldn’t be at all afraid to back Chelsea, especially at those odds. With Frank at the helm, we don’t doubt this team at all yet.