‘#LampardOut’ trends on Twitter as a bunch of Chelsea fans get trolling

Chelsea fans must have been having a laugh on Twitter last night, with The Sun reporting that ‘#LampardOut’ made it into the top trends!

We have a knack of overreacting to pre-season games, it happens every year. After the first 90 minutes are played, we’re either winning the league or getting relegated.

What last night’s 1-1 stalemate suggests is subject to opinion, but Chelsea supporters on Twitter appear to have used it as a chance to troll the football world.

As The Sun report, ‘#LampardOut’ was trending, which of course was as a result of tongue in cheek tweets from the Blues faithful on the social media platform.

We can guarantee there’s not a Chelsea fan out there who wants Lampard dismissed after one game, but are not surprised that people have decided to take it out of context.

Lampard is here to stay, no matter how many people tweet out a futile hashtag.