Lampard set to “drill” Chelsea players back into winning machines once again

The Sun have today hinted that Frank Lampard is set to reshape this Chelsea dressing room into a group of determined winners again, in his own image.

The tabloid bluster that he’s going to “drill into” his stars what it means to be a Chelsea player, as well as also “drumming” various messages into them too. It all sounds rather noisy.

There’s no doubt that the high standards kept by Lampard and his old mate John Terry and the rest of that glorious team have declined. There are still some brilliant players and some strong leaders, but a long period of drift has decayed the unity and the will to win that once saw us conquer all.

Appointing Petr Cech and Claude Makelele upstairs will help, but it’s Frank in the dressing room who can have the biggest effect. Let’s hope that the Sun are right on this occasion, and that our new coach is really planning to put into practice what he learned in so many years as a top player.