What Lampard needs to do, part two: Create an exciting football philosophy

Chelsea are like a spoilt child. They have been pampered by their Russian billionaire owner and at times feel like a mighty team from the 70s. But in truth, the luscious honeymoon they have been on has only lasted 15 years.

The Blues have won several trophies in the Abramovich era, so many that one could be forgiven for thinking this club has been winning for decades now. But despite amassing the trophies, Chelsea have lacked identity. They cannot be associated with a particular style.

A number of times, their Russian oligarch has tried to bring in managers with attacking philosophies. Managers that can help his side win with style. Andre Villas-Boas, Carlo Ancelotti, Luis Felipe Scolari and most recently Maurizio Sarri have all come in and left with different degrees of success at this.

Lampard guided Derby County to playoff success and although not winning a spot to progress to the Premier League, the 41-year old attracted the top brass at Chelsea because of his approach to football. The Rams were not always dominant, mostly pragmatic, but at Chelsea, who are considered a top side in European football, the expectation is that they can outplay most opponents and get maximum points as well.

Tough, but not impossible and Frank must embrace this as part of the pressure that comes with managing a premier club.