(Image): The picture that proves where Eden Hazard’s allegiances truly lie

Chelsea fans, get ready to cry.

Eden Hazard has been pictured getting off a flight in full Real Madrid training gear, but with a phone case which proves where his allegiances truly lie.

Hazard departed Chelsea earlier this summer after seven years as a Blue. He realised a childhood dream in becoming a Real Madrid player, something we all understood.

The Belgian will forever have a special place in our hearts after what he did for us over the years, and it appears as though Hazard’s in no rush to forget about us, either.

Look closely at the below image and you will see that Hazard is yet to change his phone case, even now he’s a Real Madrid player. He’s still Chelsea – and this proves it!


This feels like after a breakup when you realise that your ex is yet to delete the pictures of the pair of you on her Instagram page. Unfortunately, when she does, the tears will flow…