Everyone forgot to tell Real Madrid fans about this Eden Hazard yearly occurrence

Uh oh, Real Madrid fans don’t appear to realise what they’ve signed up for.

The Los Blancos faithful have seen some of the best players in the world sign along the dotted line during their lifetimes, but few better than Eden Hazard playing at his peak.

Hazard’s arrival has threatened to shift the balance in La Liga, with the Belgian dragging Chelsea to two Premier League title triumphs with his world-class ability alone.

His acquisition is exciting for anyone with any affiliation to Real Madrid, and they have no doubt have been eager to see him in action when he reports for pre-season training.


Someone forgot to mention to the supporters that Hazard always turns up to pre-season carrying a bit of timber. It’s just his thing, it’s usually been shed by the start of the season.

That hasn’t stopped them commenting on it, though, with the Spanish media, notably one of the biggest publications AS, sharing the concerns of the supporters.

They should’ve read the fine print…