How Christian Pulisic is making himself popular before his holidays have ended

English people love to make fun of American enthusiasm, but really it’s only because we’re jealous of their natural high spirits.

While we’re quite jaded – especially Chelsea fans – the Yanks are full of youthful vigour. You won’t see a better example of that than Christian Pulisic.

The guy has only just got back from the Gold Cup with the US, and should really be taking a day off, but as Football.Londonj have noticed, he’s straight back into the action, training privately ahead of joining up with the mai squad.

Some have doubted his ability, and it’s easy to question whether he can fill in for Eden Hazard long term. But one thing you can’t question is his determination and his work rate to try his best to match the Belgian – and that’s a start.

Add a few goals to the equation and fans will be more than satisfied. You don’t have to be Hazard to work here – but it helps.