Arsenal’s latest (hilarious) crisis will help Chelsea fans rest easier at nighttime

Whenever you feel as though life as a Chelsea supporter is difficult, something happens to disrupt the equilibrium at one of our arch rivals, which always makes you sleep that little bit better at night.

We’ve lost our best player, had a change of management and are unable to make transfers this summer, yet the situation at Stamford Bridge still doesn’t feel as precarious as it does at Arsenal.

Arsenal have some seriously talented players in their squad, but the holes are plugged with square pegs and the cracks in the foundations Unai Emery has laid are fast beginning to show.

Not only did they miss out on Champions League qualification after a Tottenham-esque end of season capitulation, their own captain is now taking a stand against the club.

While we recognise we are not Arsenal-News and have no intention of providing coverage of a club we detest, whenever there’s an opportunity to laugh in their face, we’re going to grab it with both hands.

This Arsenal fan on Twitter has summarised the climate under Emery quite nicely, with the one in the middle of the pack, regarding Petr Cech, only widening the grin we’re wearing.

Poor, poor Arsenal. A huge club with rich history, fast collapsing in on themselves. We’re absolutely here for it and can’t wait to see what treachery lies in wake for the Gunners.