“I was training alone” – Alvaro Morata reveals anguish at Chelsea, blames Maurizio Sarri and fans

Alvaro Morata struggled in front of goal at Chelsea during his near two seasons in London but that did not put him down as much as the treatment he received from the club officials, his head coach and the club’s fans, according to the striker at least.

He reveals the ordeal he endured when Maurizio Sarri made promises he could not keep, even though he claimed to know from the beginning those words will not be fulfilled. The striker scored 15 goals in his first season under Antonio Conte, but with the next season to start, he already felt he was not appreciated by the club.

The most important thing is to feel loved, according to Morata who also added in his interview that he didn’t get that from the Chelsea faithful who, together with pundits leveled criticisms against him.

Olivier Giroud was his main competitor in the first team and when rumors grew that Gonzalo Higuain would arrive in January this year, Morata reveals he was asked to train alone.

I had a very bad time in London. In the end, I was training alone. I talked to Maurizio Sarri and he told me some things that I knew were not going to be as he had said. I had lost confidence in myself previously. I was very upset by the opinion of the people in England. I think they caught me in the middle of everything.

I didn’t quite feel loved or appreciated by the club or the fans. I started very well at Chelsea, but an injury, in the end, leaves you a bit stuck. As bad as it was, I still scored 15 goals and won the FA Cup… but I was out of the World Cup, and for me, that was the hardest thing that could happen to me in my life.”

Alvaro Morata, Metro