Maurizio Sarri talks back on his time at Chelsea

Maurizio Sarri is being unveiled at Juventus, and he’s looking back on his short spell at Chelsea.

In quotes on TeamTalk, the former Blues boss was clear that while the Premier League was a “great experience” for him, it was impossible to say no to Juventus.

“I felt professional and personal needs to return to Italy” the former Napoli boss mused in his first go in front of the cameras at the Juventus Stadium.

Of course, he’s not going to speak badly about his time in England. No matter what his relationships with the fans and players are like, he won a trophy and was catapulted into the best job in his home country, he’d be mad to complain.

He’s got the dream move, and there’s no point dragging up bad blood – although he didn’t hesitate to do so with Eden Hazard when he said that his bad defending had caused problems.

But overall, he came out of the whole affair very well, and on this occasion, he’s been smart enough to keep his mouth shut.